Long Live International Solidarity with All People in Cordillera!

To All People Participated in the Cordillera Day To the Cordillera Peoples Alliance

We are the minority people’s alliance in Japan, the Buraku Liberation League (BLL), Hiroshima.  We present our fervant solidarity message to all people here in Cordillera.   We are struggling against the new liberalism, imperialism and discrimination in Japan.

Japanese people are exploited by the capital and treated wrongly by the state power.  Our government passed the war bill in the Congress and cleanses sweep to the road of the militarization.  We know that you are struggling against the exploitaion, land grabbing, oppression and all kinds of violation of human rights here in Cordillera.   And we believe that we live in the almost same situation like yours basically.  That is why we have to construct the international solidarity with all your people.  We never be liberated from the discrimination and exclusion without struggling against exploitation and oppression.  We have the same interests and future destiny with yours as the minority people in Japan and the indigenous people in the Philippines.

The struggle against the capital and imperialism must be more advanced.   We make our minds to have such a struggle as you do, and we believe our victory as you do.  We know well how important your struggle is in the Philippines and how important our struggle is in Japan.  Therefore, we know well how important the solidariry bwtween our struggle and yours is.   We sincerely believe the advancement of the struggles in Japan and in the Philippines, the long live international soridarity and the brother-and-sister-like cultural exchange.  We will sit next to you again in the Cordillera Day.
Shall we do our best?
Long live international solidarity with all youe people!
April 24th, 2016

Buraku Liberation League, Hiroshima, Japan

ChairpersonEiji Okada,

Executive director   Hideo Aoki