The local chapter of the Cordillera people’s alliance in Abra, Kakailian Salakniban Tay Amin a Nagtaudan (KASTAN CPA-Abra) announced today that the celebration of the 32nd Cordillera day in Abra is all set.


Themed “Isulong ang Pakikibaka para sa Sariling Pagpapasya at Pulitika ng Pagbabago! Rambakan ti balligi ti umili. Ituloy ti laban para iti daga, biag ken dayaw, this year’s Cordillera day gears towards challenging national and local candidates to respond to KASTAN’s people’s agenda. The group is also calling on to all Abrenians to celebrate and protect the victories achieved by their collective actions. It will be hosted by the Mudiit People’s Organization and the Youth Ecumenical and Environmental movement of Abra, in partnership with the local government of Dolores, Abra.

“We are expecting that the invited candidates will respond to the people’s agenda made by member organizations of KASTAN. The people’s agenda revolves around the issues affecting the Abrenians such as food security, job creation, decent livelihood and wage, human rights, environmental protection and clean governance,” said Villamor Pati, chairperson of KASTAN.


It is the first that the Cordillera day celebrations will be held in Dolores. The quiet town may have not existed anymore had the operations of the Cellophil resources Corporation (CRC) were stopped by the people’s resistance during the 1960’s. CRC is a logging company owned by Marcos crony Herminio Disini. The barangay of Mudiit was re-established after the residents came back to reclaim the lands when CRC stopped its operations.

“Dolores town is one of the symbols of victory of the resistance of Abrenians and the Cordillerans during the dark period of Martial law. What could have been a wiped-out town before is still here. We must learn from our past so that the future generations will treasure and protect what we have fought for before,” ended Pati


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Villamor Pati

Chairperson, KASTAN CPA-Abra