Ay Uggayam,makoy
Programa ken proyekto
Linlinteg a manglimlimo, Nga inmay inyulog ti gobyerno
Natured kay a nangsango, nangsupyat, nangidaulo
Nga isu ti makagapu nga inda ka intudo
Kuna da a dakay ket terorismo

Ay Uggayam,
Gapu iti engkay panagserbi
Nangilaban interes ti umili, Dagitoy ket sumupadi
Linlinteg ipagpagnan AFP
Nga isu ti inbaga da ket dakay ket
Rebelde… ay uggayam

Ay Uggayam… Digayamen
Nasibugan iti daram
Ling-et ken adu a lulluam
Nalawa a kabanbantayan ubbog sumaruno
A kapututan

Mangituloy iti dangadang mangbirok iti
Pudno a dalan lawag enggana
Masakbayan… ay Uggayam

-Verses from Makoy’s Uggayam, Cordillera Day 2006, Lubuagan, Kalinga

June 8, 2006. Four bullets took the life of Rafael Markus Bangit in Echague, Isabela. He was on his way to Baguio City to enroll his eldest son in college. At the time of his death, he was a regional council member of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance, headings its elders desk, and was the regional coordinator and spokesperson of the Binodngan Peoples Organisation. He was a father, a husband. He was a respected elder-leader (pangat) of the Malbong tribe in Tomiangan, Kalinga.

It has been 9 long years of without Makoy, as he was fondly, and there is no day that the his family, clan, tribe, and the CPA cry out for justice. As it has also been 9 long years of injustice and impunity. In just the following month, it will also be the ninth death anniversary of Alyce Omengan Claver and the frustrated assassination of her husband, Dr. Chandu Claver. The Cordillera Peoples Alliance lights a candle, offers a prayer and pays tribute, and remember all heroes and martyrs of the people’s movement in the Cordillera. We also remember Ms. Gloria Casuga, teacher who was killed in the same incident as Makoy by the same unidentified, hooded gunman.

Nine years after Makoy’s death, the perpetrators are still on the lose, and a culture of impunity continues under the BS Aquino regime, whose term ends in 2016, and whose track record is no different from that of his predecessor, Gloria Arroyo, with the same policies and programs of repression imposed upon the Filipino people. Oplan Bayanihan replaced Oplan Bantay Laya, resulting to 241 extrajudicial killings from 2010-2014, 50 of which are indigenous peoples; 491 political detainees 25 abducted and missing, at least 60,000 displaced from their communities all from 2010-2014. Oplan Bayanihan targets civilians and communities who are asserting and defending their lands, life, resources and rights. The massacre of the Ligiw family in Abra and the killing of William Bugatti in Ifugao are among the crimes of the Aquino regime to the people of the Cordillera.

On the ninth year of his death anniversary, the family of Makoy, with the rest of his clan, tribe and the Cordillera Peoples Alliance, continue to cry out for justice, and we will not give up. We will remember, and not forget. We will continue to exhaust all means provided by law to seek justice for Makoy, and hold the State accountable.

We remember Makoy not only on ninth year of his death, but everyday, as we live out the legacy of his unconditional commitment in serving the Cordillera indigenous peoples and upholding and asserting their rights whenever, wherever. ***


ATB Anongos

Secretary General