20 February 2015

This is to formally inform all concerned government agencies, the FSGR Inc., Lepanto Consolodidated Company, the municipal and barangay officials of Mankayan, provincial officials of Benguet, the self- serving COEL of Mankayan and to all communities, that, the Save Mankayan Movement will not recognize and honor the on-going Memorandum of agreement between Mankayan COEL and Far South Gold Resources Inc, relative to its massive and large scale mining operation upon the full approval of its application for the conversion of portion of Lepantos MPSA 001-90-CAR and151-2000-CAR into FTAA (Financial Technical Assistance Agreement).
We, leaders, elders and members of Save Mankayan Movement re-iterate our protest to the MOA signing. We strongly condemn the self-serving key leaders of the Mankayan COEL and its dealer, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in selling out our ancestral land to local and foreign mining corporations such as Lepanto and FSEGR Inc. Furthermore, we vehemently denounce such personal vested of the few traitor members of COEL, their few opportunist partners from the barangay, municipal and provincial LGU and their NCIP agents in their efforts of trading our future, our environment in exchange for Php80 million stipulated in their final draft MOA ready for signing of both parties.

Ever since, we have been strongly questioning the many and clear irregularities in the conduct of the FPIC process that was maneuvered by the NCIP, the mining companies, some barangay and municipal officials. Yet, concerned government authorities and officials pretended to be deaf and blind to our cries and massive protest. Despite the strong clamor of the genuine and principled community elders and leaders, to correct this anomalous processes, NCIP and its few and corrupted barangay and municipal officials, never cared to be responsible and accountable enough but instead designed another deceptive approach by forming the unethical COEL to distort and mislead  aspirations of the people of Mankayan.

That in our aspirations to protect our ili and the entire municipality of Mankayan from further mining plunder and environmental destruction, we indeed tried everything to be heard and recognized by the government authorities. Since December 2011, hundreds and thousands of Mankayan residents signified their strong opposition against the plan of Lepanto and its partner FSGRI to expand its large scale mining operations. This was strongly manifested by our series of resolutions, petitions and position papers, officially submitted and received by barangay, municipal, provincial officials, government agencies most especially the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and the NCIP. In the exercise of our indigenous individual and collective rights to protect our ancestral land from further mining destruction, we solidly stand on our ground as indigenous peoples of Mankayan by way of our one year barricade to stop the drilling operation of FSGRI in Madaymen of barangay Tabio.

We expected government authorities to seriously look into this, listen and recognize our prayer and declaration of strong protest. Instead we were grievously assaulted through the series of  harassment and brutal dispersals by the Lepanto security forces in collaborationwith State forces like the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army who are supposed to protect our democratic rights for the protection of our indigenous residential communities, our  environment, and most especially our sole agricultural land which is the source of our livelihood.

In our  community efforts to assert our rights as umili ti Mankayan to protect our ancestral land, Lepanto   cruelly filed criminal cases against against 97 community elders and leaders and a civil case against  22  community elders and leaders that adds burden to the families and the whole communities in our efforts to attend and spend for the series of court hearings.

As of this time, Lepanto,  FSGR Inc., NCIP and LGU keeps pushing  its anomalous processes, speeding up the signing of MOA to evade the main issues seriously raised by the umili of Mankayan. To the

Palalo unay dagita nangipatakder ti bagbagida kas makuna nga COEL.

Kasta metlang ti NCIP nga mangkunkuna a mangrespeto ken mangitakder iti usto nga proseso ti kunsoltasyon.Kasla awan pulos nakita da a  kinadakes nga epekto ti minasan a Lepanto iti las-od ti nasurok 75 a tawen ti napalabas. Iti daytoy a kapadasan ti Mankayan a panaglabsing ti karbengan dagiti nainsigudan nga umili, agluplupyas ti basaran nga agpanawagan ti Abolish NCIP.

No makuna nga teeng ka a  leader ken elder,  ken maka IP ka, saan mo mabalin  a makuna a saan monga ammo ken  nakita ti kinapudno dagiti nadadawel a napaspasamak iti lugar tayo kasepekto ti higante ken maka-kapitalista a panagminas.

Dagita a makuna nga COEL, awan la konsensiya da a nangilako iti nakakaisuna  ken nabatbatinga ili ken lugar tayo.  Awan dayaw ken karebengan da nga agdisisyon para itiumil iti Mankayan. Dagita nagtungtunganda ket bukod da a kapununutan sigun iti interes iti kumpanya ken kontra iti pagayatan dagiti kaaduan nga umiliti Mankayan. Isardeng da koma dayta panangi- negotiate wenno panangilako da iti ili tayo kadagiti buwaya ken bukatot a kompanya ti minas no saan da a kayat a kumaro ti nakakasi a kasasaad tayo ken baka pakaroen na ti gulo iti natalna nga ili tayo. Namnamaen yo a singirin da kayon to dagiti umili ti Mankayan, kasta met dagiti amin a maapektaran a komunidad nga ayosan ti rugit ken sabidong ken malayos gapu iti makuna a siltasyon kas resulta iti operasyon ti pagminasan.

Ibutaktak ken supyaten ti pannakailako ti ili ken dayaw tayo nga teeng ti Mankayan!
Singiren dagiti rumbeng a masingir mainaig ti panangluko ken panangulaw iti proseso tapno maipalisi ken maiyaw-awan ti pudno a takder ti umili.
Kadagiti amin nga umili, ili ken kumunidad iti ruwar ti Mankayan a maapektaran,  madawat koma ti naan-anay pay a sakripisyo ken suportayo tapno agtitinulong tayo a supyaten daytoy plano a mining expansion ti  Lepanto ken ti higante a  kakumplot nanga FSGRI .

Kakailyan ken kabangibang nga il-ili. Salbaren ti masakbayan!!!