Indigenous Peoples Day 2014 – Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA), IPMSDL, APIYN, Innabuyog, CWEARC and DKK successfully organized the celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples through a whole day exhibit, film showing, cultural jam and discussions at the People’s Park in Baguio City on August 9. The celebration is also part of the Global Indigenous Peoples Days of Action for Self Determination, and the Global Days of Action for Development Justice.

On the occasion of the international IP day, CPA urges indigenous peoples in the Cordillera and the public to be critical of the government’s attempt to establish autonomy in the Cordillera through House Bill 4649 (An Act to Establish the Cordillera Autonomous Region). Genuine regional autonomy is an aspiration of Cordillera indigenous peoples. However, House Bill 4649 is empty and bogus autonomy as it does not correct the historic injustice and national oppression of Cordillera indigenous peoples. For regional autonomy to be genuine, it should embody the processes and principles of self-governance and full control by the people of their land and resources.