July 31, 2014

Today, July 31, 2014 is the eight death anniversary of Alyce Omengan Claver and frustrated assasination of her husband Dr. Chandu Claver. The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) lights a candle, offers a prayer and pay tribute to the peoples’ martyr.  As we remember her, we continue the call for justice for Alyce and to all victims of extrajudicial killings in Kalinga and in the country.

Exactly eight years ago, Alyce Claver was killed in an ambush by state security forces in Tabuk, Kalinga in July 31, 2006. Alyce along with her husband, Dr. Chandu Claver brought their children to school when bullets tattered their family car. After eight long years, no justice is served and the perpetrators are on the loose. And impunity continues under the BS Aquino regime who just delivered its 5th SONA full of lies and no mention at all of human rights and justice to victims of state terrorism.

The family of Alyce and Dr. Chandu are known for their active involvement and participation on social issues affecting the people of Kalinga and the Cordillera. At the time of the incident, Dr. Chandu was the Chairperson of CPA-Kalinga and Bayan Muna-Kalinga. Dr. Chandu was also active in other religious and health formations in the province.  It is strongly believed that the ambush targeted Dr. Chandu because of his involvement to people’s organizations and their issues.

A month before the ambush, in June 8, 2006, Markus Bangit, CPA Elders Commission Coordinator and Bayan Muna-Kalinga Vice Chairperson was shot and killed in front of his son by state military forces in Isabela on their way to Baguio to enrol his son in college. Alyce and Markus were among the hundreds of activists and innocent civilians killed during the implementation of the dreaded Oplan Bantay Laya of the Gloria Arroyo regime.

The present BS Aquino is no different with the past regime in terms of human rights record. BS Aquino is implementing the Oplan Bayanihan which targets civilians and communities who are asserting and defending their lands, life, resources and rights. The massacre of the Ligiw family in Abra and the killing of William Bugatti in Ifugao are among the crimes of the Aquino regime to the people of the Cordillera.

In her 8th death anniversary, the CPA continues to call for justice for Alyce Claver. We will never get tired until justice is achieved. The state should be held accountable for all its crimes against the people. The perpetrators must be put behind bars. Without any arrest and justice, the whole population is at risk for being the next target. #